Al-Zameli warns of security chaos in the capital as the current government comes to an end

BAGHDAD, Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Security and Defense Hakem al-Zamili warned of security chaos inside the capital Baghdad as the end of the current government.

Al-Zamili said in a press statement that "some parties are taking from the capital Baghdad as headquarters to intimidate and blackmail citizens and traders in broad daylight," warning of "security breakout within the capital with the near end of the current government by outlaw people who possess money and weapons."

He added that "Baghdad is one of the most volatile provinces of weapons and false identities, as well as misleading military improvements that do not carry figures," calling on the Prime Minister to "not allow any party to open military headquarters in the capital Baghdad, and the extension of government control of the headquarters of the parties and the arms inventory by the state" .

Al-Zamili warned that "the increasing phenomenon of kidnapping and extortion of trade raises great concern among citizens of the return of security to the first box."

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has repeatedly stressed the government's intention to strengthen its authority and to hold arms with the state.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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