Berri: State prestige needed in Bekaa

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, maintained in a statement on Wednesday, that the prestige of the state was lacking in Bekaa, urging President Michel Aoun to heed the needs of this eastern Lebanon region.

"The issue is all about the state prestige; and, to tell the truth, the state prestige is missing in Bekaa," Berri said.

Stressing that Bekaa's security is of a national importance, he highlighting the correlated necessity of development and investment.

"There have been rabid attempts to tarnish the image of Bekaa and to depict it as a community of outlaws," Berri noted, lashing out at the silence of "Lebanon, all Lebanon!" over these campaigns.

"Few people do not represent the whole clan; they are themselves against their tribes. It is unconvincing that the state, security, and military apparatuses cannot apprehend them," he said.

"I urge His Excellency President Michel Aoun; our sons in Bekaa are in need of the state," he concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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