The Minister of Immigration renews the refusal to return of Iraqis in the Diaspora By force

BAGHDAD, The Minister of Emigration and Displacement Jassem Mohammed Al-Jaf has rejected the forced return of Iraqis in the diaspora, stressing "the importance of encouraging voluntary return."

Al-Jaf said in a statement on the occasion of the International Day of Refugees that "the Ministry continues to coordinate with many countries and through United Nations organizations in organizing the return of Iraqis wishing to return to the country voluntarily and refused to return them forcibly to take into account the humanitarian and social aspects of them."

"Iraq, despite its suffering from a massive displacement crisis that has affected millions of its people, is also home to hundreds of thousands of foreign refugees who have found shelter away from their suffering in their home countries, especially neighboring Iraq."

"Despite all the great challenges, the lack of financial resources and the preoccupation with the internal displacement crisis, the Ministry of Migration and Displacement has taken upon itself to harness all its resources in following up the issues of foreign refugees on its territory," he said, hoping that "these crises will break the region and that the refugees will return to their homes safely.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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