Future bloc: Priority to the government formation

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri headed this afternoon at the Center House the meeting of the Future parliamentary bloc.

At the end of the meeting, the bloc issued the following statement, read by MP Rola Tabsh:

The Future Parliamentary Bloc held a meeting this afternoon at the Center House headed by PM Saad Hariri, during which it discussed the political situation and the items on the agenda.

First, the bloc believes that at this stage nothing should have priority over the formation of the government and the launch of the work of the executive and legislative authorities. This requires the leaders and all concerned parties to remain calm, avoid political and media campaigns, and adopt the choices that accelerate the birth of a ministerial work force, which rises to the level of the hopes and aspirations of the Lebanese.

The quarrel over quotas, roles and sizes will not change reality. Time has come for everyone to realize that what we will reach in a month or two can be accomplished in a day or two. What is required is to put the national interest before factional and partisan interests.

There is no room for political luxury in the context of the economic challenges and regional changes and risks facing Lebanon. There is no time to waste, especially since the international and Arab community gave us their confidence and trusted us to save ourselves on the economic and administrative level, through a series of international conferences that cannot succeed or be implemented in the absence of a government, and if the work of the state and its legitimate institutions is blocked.

The Future bloc renews its confidence in the designation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri and praises his role and patience in approaching political stances and situations. It bets on the wisdom of all other leaders to get out of this cycle of obstacles. In this regard, it stresses the central role played by President Michel Aoun and the continuous cooperation between him and the Prime Minister-designate to overcome the obstacles, and praises the cooperation shown by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and his keenness on forming the government as soon as possible.

Second, the bloc discussed some calls related to the issue of the displaced Syrians, and stressed that any action outside the framework of state and its official institutions overpasses the channels dedicated to address this issue at the Lebanese and international levels.

The return of the Syrian refugees to their country is not subject to any debate. It is urgent in the light of repercussions of the widespread and unorganized presence of the displaced on the economic, security and social levels. However, this return, its organization and the determination of its safe lines, remain the exclusive responsibility of the Lebanese State in cooperation and coordination with the competent international authorities.

Third, the bloc affirmed its full solidarity with Al-Makassed Islamic Association, which faces a multi-faceted crisis that has negative consequences on its historical role in the educational and social fields and threatens the fate of thousands of students, teachers and administrators in Beirut and all other Lebanese regions.

The Makassed Association is a trust in the conscience of every Lebanese, which cannot be neglected for any reason. It is a milestone of social, humanitarian and cultural work, which will remain firmly rooted in the memory of those who benefited from its role in the national and Islamic fields.

In this regard, the bloc expresses its appreciation of the initiative of Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian to help Al-Makassed and its people and also praises the initiative of Prime Minister Saad Hariri to secure the assistance owed to the association by the State and his commitment to the path of his father in support of the Makassed.

Fourth, the bloc stressed the importance of the draft law it proposed to address the housing crisis in the country, a proposal that provides practical solutions to the problem of thousands of young Lebanese.

Source: National News Agency

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