Japan continues support to Lebanese host communities and displaced Syrians by promoting climate resilient agriculture

In a joint press release by the the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Japanese Embassy, it said: "As part of Japan's 2017 supplementary budget, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will implement a project entitled 'Social Stabilization through Comprehensive Agricultural Support for Refugee Host Communities in Lebanon' with a grant of $800,000 from the Government of Japan. The project falls under the UNDP's strategic response to Syrian Crisis and contributes to the empowerment of vulnerable host communities (Lebanon Host Community Support Programme). It will target the improved management of water resources, a priority of UNDP and the Government of Lebanon. The project will be undertaken in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Water, the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) and the Lebanese Agriculture Research Institute (LARI)."

"Japan's contribution will help increase social stability, mitigate social tensions, and improve agricultural livelihoods in the most vulnerable communities in Lebanon." Celine Moyroud, UNDP Country Director, stated. "We thank Japan and its people for their generous and continuous support to the Lebanese host communities since the beginning of the Syria Crisis," she added.

Matahiro Yamaguchi, Ambassador of Japan to Lebanon, said, "the project will rehabilitate the irrigation infrastructure and improve on-farm irrigation and agricultural practices for increased and sustainable income in a climate-resilient manner. I believe such a comprehensive approach will not only provide the most vulnerable people with urgent needs, but also address longer-term developmental needs, such as climate change adaptation and agricultural livelihood." He added, "successful agricultural practices in this project could be replicated to the extent possible within other programmes of UNDP."

On the he partnership between Japan and UNDP, release said: "Japan has been one of the biggest donors to UNDP. In 2016, Japan contributed a total of $383 million to UNDP, including $60 million to the agency's core programme fund. The Japan-UNDP partnership prioritises stabilization and conflict prevention in the Middle East and supports activities at the intersection of humanitarian and development work."

Release concluded: "In Lebanon, the Government of Japan has contributed over US$ 9 million in support of Lebanese host communities through its partnership with UNDP since 2014. This support has enabled the most vulnerable host communities to better respond to the influx of Syrian displaced populations, while strengthening local service delivery and capacities to manage tensions in partnership with local municipalities and government institutions.

Source: National News Agency

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