Traboulsi says economic cycle harmed by delayed cabinet formation

In an interview with the Voice of Lebanon Radio Station, Strong Lebanon MP, Edgard Traboulsi, expressed regret concerning the current delay in the cabinet formation process, fearing that said delay is useless, not to mention harms the growth of the economic cycle.

Moreover, the lawmaker anticipated that last minute discussions before the birth of the new cabinet would be the high ceiling of demands.

Regarding President Aoun's promise that next week would be a decisive one, Traboulsi said that the president was responsible, cautious, and capable of taking the necessary steps.

The Deputy went on to describe the relationship between the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister-designate as "steadfast and good".

When asked about Meerab understanding, Traboulsi said, "It is essential to examine it again in order to shed a positive light on its objectives and to stop any doubt involving the tenure's ethics and those of the other side.

Source: National News Agency