Hassan Al-Alawi: The demonstrations are going in the ascendant direction to reject any new Prime Minister from the Dawa Party

BAGHDAD, Former member of the House of Representatives Hassan al-Alawi stressed that the popular demonstrations taking place in the provinces of the center and the south are moving upward to reject any Prime Minister coming from the Dawa Party.

"So far the picture has not been finalized for the possibility of renewing the second term of the current Prime Minister because the demonstrations are moving towards the search for a Prime Minister with new elements," he told NINA news agency.

Al-Alawi said that "the people are looking through the demonstrations about the Prime Minister who is strong, an expert, has a decision and a strong personality and outside the Dawa Party, and these characteristics are not available in the current Prime Minister to work to renew his mandate."

The provinces of the center and the south, not long ago, witnessed popular demonstrations demanding the provision of services and employment opportunities and the detection of corrupt and trial them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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