Royal support for Arab Parliament efforts hailed

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received a cable of thanks from President of the Arab Parliament, Dr. Mishaal bin Fahm Al Salami, in appreciation of the royal support for the Arab Parliament to serve Arab causes.

Al Salami stressed the Arab Parliament support for the Kingdom of Bahrain's measures to maintain its security and stability.

He said the Arab Parliament, at its session on July 4 held in Cairo, in coordination with members of the Arab Parliament of Bahrain's Shura and Representatives councils, adopted an important decision on responding to politicized reports, data and decisions issued by regional organisations, as well as to the European Parliament's recent statement on human rights status in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Al Salami highlighted the AP's firm rejection of the EU statement on the Bahrain's judicial terms against saboteurs. Adding the EU's decisions issued are in violation of principles of the European neighborliness, the respect for the rule of law, non-interference in internal affairs of states, the states' right to adopt their own legal system, the application of criminal justice and principle of judicial independence.

He also pointed out the Arab Parliament rejection of the EU's approach to deal with sensitive files that contradicts the international commitment to combat crime, which can affect the Arab nation's security and stability through the EU's adoption of false and misleading information without the recourse to constitutional, executive and legislative institutions of Arab countries.

He called for establishing AP-EU dialogue on human rights status in Arab nations, saying he would communicate with his European counterpart to express the AP's rejection of the aforementioned baseless reports, data and decisions, in addition to demanding the EU to commit to AP-EU partnership in support of joint interests.

Al Salami called on the EU to reconsider its stances with respect to human rights in the Arab world by avoiding trusting false information issued by biased parties under the developments witnessed by Arab nations, noting the Kingdom of Bahrain's efforts to maintain peace and security and its war on terrorist organizations and militias supported by Iran with the aim of raising chaos, destabilizing security and undermining social peace and stability in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab region.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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