Loyalty to Resistance: To adopt clear, specific standard in government formation

The "Loyalty to the Resistance" parliamentary bloc held this Thursday its regular meeting at its headquarters in Haret Hreik under the chairmanship of MP Mohammad Raad, and issued a statement dwelling on the local situation and "the complexities in forming the government."

"This issue constituted the axis of deliberation, to determine the reasons for the delay in forming a government at a political moment in which the Syrian developments impose basic files which should be approached by the Lebanese State openly and positively so as to achieve the common interests of the two countries which require warm relations and open channels of political communication," the statement read.

"The Syrian refugees' files and land transport through Syria, as well as the strategic security threat imposed by the Zionist enemy on both sides of Lebanon and Syria, are sufficient to correct the relationship, which is confirmed by the new context that clearly reveals Syria's victory over terrorist forces and their sabotage project to the whole region. This stage requires the existence of a national solidarity government that provides the necessary efficiency to take care of the interests of Lebanon and the Lebanese at various levels, namely sovereignty, security, economy and development," it added.

The bloc congratulated Syria, its army, and its people on their strategic achievement, "bowing before the sacrifices of the heroic resistance forces that played an effective role in making this major achievement happen."

The bloc finally upped calls for "the adoption of a clear and specific criterion in the formation of the new government, and avoiding discretion which will have negative repercussions affecting the level of confidence of the Lebanese in their government's effectiveness and ability to address the situation of the country.

Source: National News Agency

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