Rahi says absence of impartiality, humility impedes cabinet formation

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Butros al-Rahi, considered Sunday that the absence of impartiality and modesty among politicians is impeding the formation of the new government.

Presiding over a Mass service at the Patriarchal Church in Diman this morning, Rahi voiced rejection of the flagrant breach of laws and the practice of injustice.

"We deplore the excessive use of political power, in form of tyranny, injustice or seizure of public money, or as a means of illicit gain and personal profit, whilst it ought to be a noble art in the service of public good at all levels," said the Patriarch.

Al-Rahi also denounced the evident negligence towards the country's economy in all its sectors; hence, causing the impoverishment of citizens and placing the state in a serious financial deficit, opening the door to migration of the youth.

"We declare our rejection of this situation and such political practice, and we do not accept Lebanon's economic, social, daily living and cultural decline," Al-Rahi emphasized, voicing adamant refusal of the appropriation of constitutional principles and laws as well.

Source: National News Agency

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