Baiji: Foreign Interference In Forming The Govt Is Categorically Rejected

BAGHDAD, The winning MP of the state of law coalition, Mansour al-Baiji stressed that any foreign political interference in Iraq's internal affairs, especially in regard to forming the next government, is categorically rejected and all politicians should be at the level of responsibility and not go or adhering to external influences.

"All the political forces must cooperate with each other in order to form a strong government capable of working and running the country away from any interference, whether external or internal," he said in a press statement, added "The countries that interfere with the Iraqi affairs do not want stability and good for our country and our people, and everyone should be fully aware of this. "

He added that "the formation of the government by the political blocs away from external interference, will not provide any opportunity for any intervention by these countries and will be in the interest of the country through forming strong government able to rise the reality of the country and on all levels and other areas claimed by the people"

He stressed that "the political parties in front of a serious and last test during the next phase, because if it did not provide something to the people, it would be an expired and will not have a position in Iraq, and the Supreme religious in Najaf confirmed this matter, so all parties should work to achieve what the people want and leave their interests, or else the end will be very close, which is a terrible failure and will not have a presence. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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