Cooperation to regulate goods transport across King Fahad Causeway

The Customs Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication have agreed on procedures to implement the decision to prevent unlicenced trucks with orange licence plate numbers that belong to companies without appropriate permission documents for international transport of goods from crossing the King Fahad Causeway, starting August 1. The decision aims to limit illegal activities by those companies.

It was also decided to allow trucks to finalise paperwork in Hidd area to go to the causeway after checking the customs statement. If the transporter turns out to be different than the owner of the shipment (the source), then the truck would be referred to the trucks parking lots in Janabiya near the entry gate. The data would be examined by the employees of the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication to determine if the source meets the conditions to be allowed to cross the causeway. If not, the truck would only get the permission after fulfilling rules.

All companies and organisations involved in transporting goods through the causeway should obtain "International Transport of Goods" licence and change the orange number plates of their vehicles to yellow in accordance to the procedures of the Ministry of Transportation and the General Directorate of Traffic.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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