Women’s political participation in focus

The Supreme Council for Women (SCW) contributed to the "Youth Voice 2030". SCW Media Centre Director Mohammed Al-Hammadi delivered a lecture in which he shed light on aspects of women's participation in political life. The Supreme Council for Women (SCW) launched the "Youth Voice 2030", at the "Youth City 2030" in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs and the Labour Fund .

Al-Hammadi highlighted the importance of woman's participation in building Bahrain's development foundations since the 1920s. He underlined the SCW-led efforts to bolster the role of Bahraini women in political life, shedding lights on preparations to the forthcoming elections.

The council is providing technical support as well as legal, political and media assistance to Bahraini women who are planning to run in the upcoming parliamentary and municipal polls, scheduled to be held during the last quarter of this year (2018).

The SCW Media Centre director highlighted Bahrain's policy which aims to cater to women's needs and promote gender equal opportunity, stressing the importance of women's sustainable participation in public life and decision-making.

The Youth Voice 2030 is an interactive activity which is part of preparations in the runner-up to the forthcoming parliamentary and municipal elections. The programme introduced the participants to aspects of women's participation in the political life and the impact of their engagement on national developments.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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