Khazraj Tribe Calls On PM, Interior Minister, And Popular Mobilization Authority To Intervene Immediately To Release Abductees To Ward Off Sedition In Dujail

BAGHDAD, Sheikh of the entire tribe of Khazraj Qais Jassim al-Khazraji demanded the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior and the Popular Mobilization Authority to intervene immediately and urgently to release the abductees to ward off sedition in Dujail district.

Dujail police chief Colonel Ihsan al-Khazraji announced that three bodies belonging to elders of Khazraj clan were found near a checkpoint in Taji, north of Baghdad, after they were kidnapped at the funeral of Colonel Hussein al-Khazraji and his brother yesterday afternoon.

The tribes of the Dujail district accused an unidentified group, which said it was headquartered in the city's entrance, by abducting its clan elders.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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