Khalid bin Hamad Futsal League ideal place to make champions

Guests of Honour have continued to flow to watch games of the the 6th Khalid bin Hamad Futsal League which is held under patronage of HH Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, First Deputy President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, President of the Bahrain Athletics Association and Honourary President of the Bahrain Sports Federation for Disabilities.

The event is organised by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in partnership with the Media Office of HH Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, from June 24 to August 9. The league is part of HH Shaikh Khalid's initiatives in support of youth in sports and humanitarian fields and witnessed an active attendance of a number of sports personnel from various sports and youth organisations.

This year, the league is held with the wide participation of youth centers, national clubs, young women, disabled individuals, ministries and communities.

The league was visited on Thursday by Mohsin Rajab, Mohammed Jahrami and ambassador Hassan Riyadh Al Zayani, Head of Ceremonies and Conferences at the Foreign Ministry. From his side, Rajab said: "The idea of establishing this sports gathering is a pioneering idea that has achieved many aspirations by embracing young Bahrainis from all the governorates of the Kingdom in the competition. This gathering is helping in bolstering the brotherhood relationships and friendship between the people of the Kingdom, and at the same time promotes the principle of loyalty and patriotism of Bahrain.

"We are very pleased with this youth movement led by HH Shaikh Khalid in various fields and this movement has led to the revitalisation of the youth and sports movement in the Kingdom and attracting Bahraini youth in a competitive environment," he said.

Great Efforts

"We value the outstanding role and efforts of HH Shaikh Khalid in order to nurture and support youth in across all sectors, including sports. This reflects the keenness and interest of HH to provide an ideal atmosphere for them which contributes to the development of their abilities and potential," Mohammed Jahromi said.

Foreign Ministry Fly to Semi-finals

The Foreign Ministry team progressed to the semifinals of the 6th Khalid bin Hamad Futsal League (the Ministries Competition), after a broad 5-1 victory over the Ministry of Heath team in Group 1. Kumail Abdullah of the Foreign Ministry shined during the match, scoring one goal and won the best man of the match award. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance drubbed the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism 4-0 in Group 2. Inspiring them to this victory was Khalifa Al Na'ar, who was named the best player of the game too. Furthermore, the Ministry of Interior ended the participation of the Institution of Public Administration with another heavy defeat, thrashing them 27-0. Salman Al Mullah scored 12 goals alone, winning the best player of the game. In the last game of the day, Akbar Saeed inspired the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs to a 7-2 victory over the Ministry of Transportation and Communications with a hat-trick. He also bagged the best player of the match award.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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