A hijacked Yazidite freed from Daesh fist

BAGHDAD, The Syrian family rescued an abducted girl from the Kurdish Yazidi, and was returned to her family in the city of Dohuk after being returned from Syria.

"On Saturday, a 21-year-old Yazidi Kurd was kidnapped was rescued and handed over to her family in Duhok after her return from Syria," said Mayser Adani, from the office of the rescue of the abducted Kurds of Yazidis.

"I did not expect to survive as long as I lived," said Anwar Hamdi, a Kurdish girl from the village of Kuju. "I was in the Syrian village of Deshisha. I survived with Daesh departure from it.

She explained that the Syrian family helped her to contact her family and return to Kurdistan, adding: "We were with armed men of Daesh, and still girls and other women in their grip, they were asking us to enter into their religion."

On 3 August 2014, the city of Sinjar and the surrounding areas were attacked by a Daesh who kidnapped 6417 Kurdish Yazidis, executed 1293 of them by firing squad, and more than half of the abducted Yazidis have been rescued.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency