Baiji: State Of Law Will Not Allow The Imposition Of A Candidate To Head The Next Government

BAGHDAD, The winning candidate for State of Law Coalition, Mansour al-Baiji confirmed that his coalition will not allow the imposition of a candidate for the presidency of the next government.

He said in a press statement that "The next prime minister will be presented to the political blocs that will form the largest bloc within the House of Representatives for approval or not, and there will be no imposition of any name as was followed by previous governments."

He added that "any candidate for prime minister if he does not have the conditions that qualify him for this position, the political blocs will not accept him, and he will be rejected by them and there will be no candidate imposed in advance."

Al-Baiji said that "the state of law coalition is working on the selection of an efficient prime minister can assume full responsibility and be able to choose a strong government bears full responsibility for its success or failure," noting that "who have these specifications will be chosen to head the next government."

He pointed out that "the bitter reality that the country passes through came as a result of consensus and the imposition of names of ministers or officials in advance, which brought us to what we are now, and we will not allow the repetition of forming the next government in the same way and this is essential in our program as state of law coalition," stressing that " anyone who is compatible with this matter, we will ally with him away from the rhetoric and false speeches that we have not got only destruction of our country. "

The political circles are trading several names for the presidency of the next government, including the current Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and the leader in the popular mobilization Hadi al � Amiri.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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