Pakistani Ulemas Denounce Foreign Interference, in Saudi Arabia’s Internal Affairs

Islamabad, The Head of Pakistani Association of Ulemas' Council Sheikh Mohammed Taher Al-Ashrafi denounced here today statements made by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Canada's Riyadh-based embassy, over the so called civil society activists rights, considering it as irresponsible intervention into internal affairs of another sovereign nation.

In a press statement made here today, the Ulemas (Islamic clergies) condemned interference in the Saudi internal affairs, which takes place in the name of human rights, reasserting taking the side of the Kingdom and supporting its glorious stances.

Sheikh Al-Ashrafi dismissed some countries and bodies' recurrent attempts to intervene in the affairs of other nations, under the cover of backing up of civic society activists' freedom as conspiracy and holding clandestine agenda, concluding by pointing out that the stance displayed by Canada constitutes a flagrant violation of the international law, which prohibits intervention of any state in the local legal measurements taken by another sovereign country.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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