2 Military Operations To Track Daesh East And Northeast Of Diyala

Baquba, Two military operations to track the remnants of the Daesh terrorists were launched in the east and northeast of Baquba to the Iranian border in Diyala.

A source in the Diyala operations told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): "Two military operations launched today to track elements of Daesh by the joint security forces with participation of the popular mobilization factions and cover of the army aviation, within the areas of the Nada basin east of Diyala to the borders with Iran and areas of Hamrin basin up to the Narin bridge northeast of Baquba. "

He added: "The results of the two operations so far destruction of / 3 / hideouts to Daesh in the Hamrin basin which were a major source of funding gangs Daesh with weapons and supplies," pointing out that "the operations continue and proceed according to plans and the final results will be announced later ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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