One Of PKK Leaders Killed In Turkey

BAGHDAD, The Turkish Interior Ministry announced that the alleged official of the PKK organization in "Erzurum" area in northern Turkey, was among the militants who were neutralized in a security operation, on Saturday, in the state of "Tong Ili "in eastern Turkey.

"Mahmud Lachin, known as" Rooney-Munzur, "the alleged official of Erzurum in the PKK organization, was among those neutralized," a ministry statement said.

Yesterday, the ministry announced that Ibrahim Gobban, nicknamed "Atakan Maher", a member of the wanted list of wanted terrorists, had been identified as a "new field officer" for the Dursim region.

Tung-Ili state said in a statement that the gendarmerie killed with support of the air force, 10 gunmen were preparing for an attack in "Bulomor." area

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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