Qabalan in his Hajj message: For politicians to make concessions

Head of the Islamic Supreme Shiite Council, Sheikh Abdel Amir Qabalan, urged all politicians to make concessions and place Lebanon's supreme interests above any other consideration.

Sheikh Qabalan's words on Thursday came in his Hajj message for this year, whereby he stressed that Hajj pilgrimage is a ritual that unites Muslims and brings them together.

"Hajj pilgrimage constitutes a constant call for unity and rapprochement amongst Muslims," the Sheikh maintained, saying Hajj is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of Islamic unity among peoples, races and nationalities to start the reform of the nation and resolve differences among Islamic countries through dialogue and deliberations.

On the government formation issue, Qabalan called for the formation of a national entente government to address the simmering socio-economic dossiers and daily living conditions.

The Sheikh also called for best cordial relations with Syria in the interest of both countries, saying "such cohesive ties have been and remain a national necessity to protect Lebanon, revive economy and secure Syrian refugees' return to their homeland."

Source: National News Agency

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