IT progress tracked

Manama, The ICT Governance Committee (ICTGC) held its 21st meeting chaired by Mohamed Ali AlQaed, Chief Executive of the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), at Authority's headquarters.

The ICTGC committee showcased a set of important IT projects - provided by ministries and governmental entities � that were heavily studied and reviewed in collaboration with concerned entities. The Committee is always keen to reach the best available possibilities to implement IT projects based on the policies, standards and best practices in ICT industry with the least cost.

The total cost of the addressed projects during the meeting amounted to more than BD 3 million which included the Transportation Licensing System, Network Infrastructure Refreshment, Network Infrastructure Replacement & Enhancement along with other projects.

The committee also recommended utilising the outcomes and recommendations resulted from studying and revising the projects by implementing them on similar future projects. In addition, taking such recommendations into consideration when developing and modernising policies as well as standards related to the development of Cloud Computing, government systems and applications.

In conclusion, the Committee discussed and tracked the workflow of the recommendations and decisions adopted during previous meetings. It also showcased the projects and procurements passed by the ICT Procurement and Review team at the iGA.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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