Mouawad for withdrawing normalization dossier from deliberations, returning to selfdissociation policy, closing ranks between Lebanese

Independence Movement" Chief, MP Michel Mouawad, called Sunday for "the withdrawal of controversial issues from political deliberation, especially concerning normalizing relations with Syria, and returning to the self-distancing policy to prevent another political explosion in the country, with its disastrous economic repercussions, from occurring."

Speaking before popular northern delegations who visited him at his Ehden residence earlier today, Mouawad stressed the need for "a breakthrough in the stalled government formation dossier."

"It is the duty of all political forces at this delicate stage to bring citizens together and close ranks among the Lebanese, instead of increasing the areas of disagreement and sterile alignments," he added.

"The Lebanese-Syrian relations should be addressed within the framework of a comprehensive settlement between the two countries on the basis of equal relations and parallel with the development of a political solution path in Syria, knowing that the existing security channels between both states are sufficient to deal with emergency dossiers," deemed Mouawad.

He highlighted the inevitable need to return to the implementation of the self-distancing policy adopted by successive national unity governments in recent years, and for all sides in Lebanon to refrain from getting involved in regional wars and in offensive positions to friendly Arab countries, foremost of which are Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Mouawad concluded by reiterating the necessity of eliminating all obstacles facing the formation of a national unity government capable of launching the current mandate, implementing the required Cedar Conference reforms and reaching the economic, financial and social achievements desperately aspired for by the Lebanese.

Source: National News Agency