Al-Hakim calls for accelerating the formation of the next government by holding the first session of parliament / expanded

Baghdad, Head of the National Alliance set three options on the formation of the next government, calling at the same time to accelerate the formation of the government through the convening of the first meeting of the House of Representatives.

Al-Hakim stressed in his specch in Eid al-Adha sermon today on the need to accelerate the formation of the next government through the invitation of President Fuad Masum to hold the first meeting of the House of Representatives and give the opportunity to the largest bloc in the formation of the next government as stipulated by the Constitution of the conditions and time limits.

"There is a lot of issues that require the presence of the popular will in the new parliament and taking its real role in protecting the interests and security of this country and its citizens," he said.

He called to leave the political entity and distance it from the atmosphere of forming the government, adding it is not correct to be preoccupied with personal positions towards one or the other , in the circumstances of complex and confusing may undo everything that has been achieved during the past years, and expose the country to more risks and challenges" .

"It is a sincere invitation to all the brothers of the leaders of political parties and political forces and respected and honorable movements, to put the interest of Iraq and the security of our people and interests above all considerations, and to overcome the previous positions with wide hearts.

"We have three options for forming the new government," he said. "The first is the choice of a national majority coalition, one in which everyone is not absent from participation and opposition at the same time. The national forces take on the government of service and the fight against corruption and other national forces that take it upon themselves, monitor and evaluate the performance of this government. "

Ammar al-Hakim pointed out that "the choice of the national majority represents a realistic solution between the consensual democracy that we experienced during the previous stage and the numerical majority prevailing in democratic countries."

He stressed that "the national majority means breaking the rules and the old and prevalent equation represented by the partnership of all and the opposition of all, which did not produce a state, did not achieve internal cohesion and harmony, did not provide services and contributed to the consolidation of quotas and corruption.

"The national majority will achieve the integration of components within the unified Iraq and does not work to ignore the rights of components or the absence of roles or circumvent the principle of balance in the representation of social components in the political process."

He stressed that in "this approach we can build a state and give democracy in the right way, not to remain puzzled by the mazes and interpretations of punctuation and ready-made accusations, let it be in the government or the opposition, it is important to stay away from alliances , sectarian aligning and sectarian re-establishment."

He pointed out that "the second option is to form a government of partnership in the national space without returning to the sectarian and national spaces, which requires breaking the rules of old queues, and that the selection of advanced sites within the framework of the national equation is shared by everyone in the selection of the three presidencies, and that the selection of officials for all sites within the criteria mentioned by the supreme authority and insisted by the people.

"The third option is not to participate in the next government and move to the constructive opposition in the event that the first and second options are not achieved, and we will not be ashamed or indifferent to any step in front of the interests and trust of our people, no matter what cost us, we are concerned about the legitimate, moral and national responsibility of our country and our beloved people wherever we have to be and we will make the decision without hesitation. "

He renewed his call to the leading forces of the electoral scene in the need to submit the names of its candidate to take over the presidency, which does not affect the atmosphere of existing national alliances in all cases, but increases serious and real interaction.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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