Australian Ambassador stresses his country’s continuous support for Lebanon during a ceremony in his hono

Australian Ambassador to Lebanon, Glenn Miles, reiterated Saturday that his country "shares the concerns of Lebanon and continuously stands by its side."

Miles referred to the large Lebanese expatriate community residing in Australia, saying, "Every time I tour the various Lebanese regions, I encounter Australians of Lebanese origin...This explains the tens of thousands of Lebanese emigrants coming from Australia to visit their home country this summer."

The Australian Ambassador's words came during a luncheon banquet held in his honor this afternoon by Head of the Australian Council for the Middle East, Kamil Chlala, marking the near-end of Miles' diplomatic mission in Lebanon.

Chlala praised "the positive role played by Ambassador Miles during his presence in Lebanon, which yielded many achievements at different levels."

"Ambassador Miles has left a bright mark that will have an important and influential impact in the future," added Chlala, stressing on further boosting the Lebanese-Australian bilateral relations.

Source: National News Agency

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