Bassil calls for ‘patriotic’ approach to government formation, says no cover up for social media shamers

Caretaker Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, on Tuesday highlighted the necessity to adopt a "patriotic" approach during the formation process of Lebanon's new government, stressing that this issue is a Lebanese domestic affair.

"I have answered each ambassador who's asked me about the government formation with utmost diplomacy and respect, that this is an internal affair; and we hope a similar sense of patriotism is adopted throughout the process," the Free Patriotic Movement's head said following the "Strong Lebanon" parliamentary bloc's meeting.

"The President's ministerial share is not confined to a certain previous phase; we cannot make the strategic mistakes that have been made since Taef Agreement, just to reap political gains," he added.

Tackling the displaced Syrian's issue, Bassil maintained that the crisis could not be solved without a national independent decision.

"Russia's repatriation initiative helps restore some balance at the international level, so that the [refugees] return should not be linked to the political solution; and we are concerned with its success," he went on to say.

"We are invited to consider the interest of Lebanon and its economy, and that of the Syrian people," he added.

On a different note, Bassil maintained that the FPM would not cover up for any social media shamer crossing the limits of ethics, calling the judiciary to take necessary action against any activist posting insults.

Source: National News Agency

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