Samad: We must let go of singularity in Sunni representation

Member of Parliament, Jihad Al-Samad, on Thursday pushed for renouncing singularity in Sunni representation.

"Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri has the right to be represented in the cabinet. However, he is not entitled to the full Sunni share of seats," he told the "Voice of Lebanon 93.3" radio station.

"If the goal is to form a national unity government, then all independent Sunni deputies must be represented. No one is giving anyone anything. There are rights protected by the constitution. We demand that talks about forming a government of national unity be implemented by representing forces relegated by the general elections," the lawmaker said.

When questioned about the possible sway of House Speaker Nabih Berri over this matter, Al-Samad commented, "Speaker Berri is a veteran in resolving problems; however, he is not the one responsible for forming the government."

Source: National News Agency

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