NGN celebrate first batch of VMware VCP 6.5 graduates

Manama, NGN Training Centre is proud to announce VMware VCP Bahraini graduates and awarding IT officials from Telecom, Banking and Finance and other industry companies in Bahrain.

Located at the headquarters of the World Trade Centre in Manama, NGN celebrated the latest batch of its graduates, which is part of a continuing training programme offered by the NGN in cooperation with VMware International.

Yaccob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN, stated: We are pleased to award professional certificate to Bahrainis working in Technology Divisions in different idustries, thus enhancing their professional skill set on the one hand, and strengthening the performance, competitiveness and productivity of these companies and enterprises, on the other,

This qualitative training enables Bahraini individuals to enhance their competitiveness, provides an institutional roadmap for continuous high performance, leads change efforts in organisations, and creates a culture of continuous improvement, taking into account that employers are continiously looking for candidates with the advanced IT knowledge, Institutional performance and profitability, Al Awadhi added.

As part of NGN's efforts to support Bahraini companies in the field of ICT, and build capacity in their operations, employees and technologies to achieve the desired goals.

Al Awadhi also said: We expect graduates to be more effective in supporting their institutions and uplifting their operations with industry best practices to identify and remedy any performance gaps.

It is noteworthy that NGN Training Centre is a branch of NGN International, one of the fastest growing regional systems integrators.

NGN Training Centre is licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development of Bahrain and authorised by Tamkeen, thus offering Bahraini nationals a unique opportunity to enrol to NGN training courses through Tamkeen supported programmes.

Source: Bahrain News Network

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