Foreign Ministry condemns US decision to cut funds to UNRWA

The Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Ministry Sunday condemned the recent U.S. decision to cut all funding to UNRWA, dropping the international and US commitments to provide the Palestinians with the necessary care.

"Helping UNRWA is the duty of the states who agreed to the establishment of the state of Israel on the Palestinian land, which covered the occupation of their land and the displacement of their people," a statement by the Ministry said today.

The Foreign Ministry also warned against the intentions behind this decision which came in the context of successive events, starting with "the transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and declaring it the capital of Israel, to naming Israel a Jewish state and now the cessation of UNRWA funding."

The statement added that "these actions are all steps to eliminate the sacred right of return of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and other host countries, and to put an end to any attempt for a two-state solution, let alone pushing the Arabs living in Occupied Palestine to leave."

On the other hand, the Ministry praised Germany's recent decision to increase its aid to UNRWA, calling on other countries to "follow suit to bridge the gap caused by the US decision to maintain the UNRWA's work."

Source: National News Agency

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