King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation is Cognitive Record Enriching Human Thought 3 Riyadh

The objectives of the award contribute to the transfer of knowledge from and into Arabic; to promote translation into Arabic in the various fields of science; enrich the Arab archive by publishing distinguished works of translation; recognize the achievements of institutions with outstanding contributions in the field of scientific translations from and into Arabic, and establish standards of excellence in translation with regard to originality, scientific value, and text quality.

Enhancing the award's role at the global level, it is approved to hold a handing over ceremony in a number of capital cities in the world, including Paris, Beijing, Berlin, Geneva and Spanish city of Toledo.

This award seeks to enhance cooperation of all Arab countries in adopting an integrated project for translating distinct works in the Arabic culture into global languages in addition to a translation of new editions of the applied sciences into Arabic language.

Source: Saudi Press Agency