Liberation and Development bloc calls for swift government formation

Liberation and Development" parliamentary bloc on Wednesday underlined the dire need to speed up the formation of the government, in a bid to protect the country and reinforce its immunity in the face of recent threats.

The bloc's words came in the wake of its periodic meeting chaired by House Speaker Nabih Berri, devoted to discussing most recent developments.

The bloc stressed that the recent Israeli enemy's threats against Lebanon necessitate cementing national unity, as the most effective weapon in the face of these hostile menaces.

Reading out the bloc's statement on emerging, the bloc's Secretary General, MP Anwar Al-Khalil, said the recent hostile statements of the Israeli enemy officials aim to take advantage of the disintegrated Arab situation at this political juncture to attack Lebanon and avenge its victories, achieved thanks to resistance against occupation and aggression.

MP Al-Khalil said that Israeli threats require the consolidation of national unity, being the most effective weapon against Israeli hostility.

The bloc urged the Lebanese to deal seriously with these threats and to remain alert to confront any offensive, paved by the recent Israeli hostile statements.

As such, the bloc stressed that these realities require the acceleration of the formation of the government in order to save the country from these menaces and consolidate its immunity.

The bloc also broached an array of parliamentary affairs.

Source: National News Agency