MP From Basra Rules Out Impact Of Closing US Consulate In Basra On Oil Companies In The Province

BAGHDAD, MP of the Justice and Unity Coalition / Construction Bloc / Amer Al-Fayez, on Thursday, ruled out impact of closing the US consulate in Basra province negatively on the status of oil companies operating in the southern fields.

"The closure of the US consulate in Basra is an attempt by the United States to reverse the negative image that Basra is unstable, the matter that pushes the rest of the Chinese companies and others to take the same step, but until now, there is nothing to disturb the foreign companies operating in the southern oil fields ," Fayez told NINA

He stressed that "the situation of foreign companies in Basra is insured and there is no security breach and work continues in the oil fields."

The United States has announced the closure of its consulate in Basra as a result of security threats, and escalated popular protests in this city more than a month ago.

The decision comes after Iraqi websites reported launching some missiles on the vicinity of the airport in Basra, where the headquarters of the US consulate.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency