A US military commander: We do not seek conflict with Iranc

BAGHDAD, Iraq is not seeking a conflict with Iran, said General Joseph Fotill, Commander of the US Central Command, which oversees US military involvement in the Middle East.

"I do not think we're going to go to war with Iran, and I do not think that's what we're focusing on," he told Pentagon reporters.

His comments came the day after Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo announced that the United States had abolished the Treaty of Friendship with Iran reached under the Shah.

"The Pentagon is ready to respond quickly if the situation so requires," he said.

"The main way we are adopting is diplomatic and economic pressure. I support that, and I do not think that necessarily is the way to go to war with Iran," he said.

On the strikes carried out by Iran in response to an attack on an Iranian military parade in the city of Ahwaz, Fotill said, "Such activities stop us," noting that "Tehran did not report to the US-led coalition in Syria this strike, which puts the coalition forces at risk, "he said.

He described what Iran is doing as recklessness, insecurity and escalation.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency