Houthi militia’s abduction of Sana’a University ‘s girls unprecedented moral offense, says Minister

ADEN, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Dr Ebtihaj Al-Kamal strongly condemned and incriminated Houthi putschist militia for kidnapping 15 women from Sana'a University, physically assaulting them and jailing them, describing this incident a flagrant violation of woman's rights and International and Humanitarian Laws.

In press release Al-Kamal stated that assaulting women and kidnapping them is a dangerous unprecedented episode in a series of Houthi militia's criminal and brutal atrocities against the Yemenis.

" Such brutal and moral offense haven't been committed in our society, nobody did it earlier, but Houthi putschist militia", Al-Kamal said.

The Minister, Member of High Council of Arab Woman, called on the UN High Commissionaire for Human Rights and other interested organizations to document these crimes, condemn and report about the UN.

Source: Saudi Press Agency