Hariri receives Speaker of Canadian House of Commons and Siemens ME CEO

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri received today at the Center House the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons Geoff Regan accompanied by a delegation from the House, in the presence of the Ambassador of Canada to Lebanon Emmanuelle Lamoureux.

After the meeting, Regan said:

Today, in Canada, our country celebrates the Thanksgiving Day and it is a very appropriate moment for us to come to Lebanon because we have many reasons to be thankful for our relationship with Lebanon but in particular for the role that Canadians of Lebanese origin play in our country.

People of Lebanese origins make a great contribution to Canada, to its economy, business, education, science, arts. In so many facets of our life, the Lebanese culture is part of our society today. In fact, in my community of Halifax in the east coast, we consider Lebanese cuisine to be part of Canadian cuisine.

I have with me members from three main political parties in the House of Commons, from the Liberal party Faysal El Khoury, born in Lebanon, from the conservative party Ziad Aboultaif, also born in Lebanon, from the democratic party David Chritopherson. Mr. Christopherson and I were saying we wish we were born in Lebanon.

We are delighted to be here, it was an honor and a pleasure to me today with Prime Minister Hariri.

Hariri also received a delegation from the German company Siemens, headed by the CEO of Siemens Middle East, Dietmar Siersdorfer, in the presence of his advisor Nadim Munla. Discussions focused on the company's vision for the electricity issue in Lebanon.

Hariri also met with the Mufti of Zahle and the Bekaa Sheikh Khalil al-Mays in the presence of the head of the Bekaa Sharia Court Sheikh Taleb Jomaa, Dr. Omar Halbalab and Hariri's advisor for religious affairs Ali al-Janani.

He later on received a delegation from the Beirut Marathon Association headed by May El-Khalil, who said after the meeting: We briefed Prime Minister Hariri on the activities of this year and invited him to this year's Marathon that will be held on November 11th. The Association has completed all preparations for this activity that applies international standards set by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

Source: National News Agency