World Center for Dialogue Co-found Islamic-Jewish Council, in Europe, to Counter Extremism 4 Riyadh

In addition, to ensure continued recognition of the role of religious traditions, in preserving our common heritage; to defend the common rights of religious groups, in Europe; and to build confidence and cooperation among diverse societies, he further said.

Stressing the importance of joint action through channels of dialogue and understanding around the world to curb fanaticism, extremism and hatred, which took various forms by using religion and religion as an alternative, or through political and ideological extremism, which has become a clear feature in the speeches of extremist political parties, he stated.

Secretary-General of the World Center for Dialogue reaffirmed that the role of the World Center for Dialogue is to provide assistance, expertise and means of cooperation, as required by the Council and look forward to working with them, during this meeting, to develop their work plan for the near future.

Supporting its implementation, he pointed out that the members of the platform of Muslims and Jews reached (19) of Muslim religious leaders and (15) of the religious leaders of the Jewish (18) European countries, representing accredited European institutions.

The themes of the agenda included: the Dutch model of coexistence; the protection of the religious practices of our societies, in Europe; the experience of Muslims and Jews, in Europe, with followers of other religions and cultures; challenges and obstacles; and the best ways to promote solidarity among communities and achieve common goals.

It is hoped that the Islamic-Jewish Council (IJC) platform will become a sustainable and just milieu for joint action to promote Muslim and Jewish humanitarian co-operation and cooperation: to promote humanitarian co-operation and improve cooperation between Muslim and Jewish European communities and their relationships with European political and religious orientations.

Source: Saudi Press Agency