Chinese Ambassador, SSNP leader tackle bilateral ties, respect for sovereignty of States

Had of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Hanna al-Nashef, received at the party's headquarters this Wednesday the ambassador of China to Lebanon, Wang Kejian, with talks touching on the means of strengthening bilateral relations, as well as the potential contributions of China to developmental and economic projects in the field of electricity and waste for Lebanon, on the one hand, and reconstruction in Syria, on the other hand.

Kejian expressed his appreciation for the party's stances, uttering his country's "keenness on boosting relations with Lebanon and Syria," and its "adherence to respecting the sovereignty of States and the preservation of their stability."

He pointed out that China "is interested in promoting cultural, trade and economic relations with the countries of the region, and this is a strategic direction observed by the Chinese projects and plans in the interests of China and the region alike."

Kejian stressed "continued support by China to Lebanon, especially to the displaced Syrians," as well as "supporting the reconstruction steps in Syria and full readiness to participate in this process in order to wipe off the effects of the war that targeted the country."

He hoped security and stability would prevail in the region and "all the countries would succeed in combating terrorism and extremism in all its forms."

Source: National News Agency