Salameh opens International Investor Week: We seek to enhance confidence between investor and companies

Governor of the Central Bank, Riad Salameh, opened this Wednesday at the Higher Institute of Business (ESA), the first international meeting on the "International Investor Week", whereby he stressed that "Lebanon needs to be more closely aligned with the Lebanese investor in order to encourage it to buy shares in companies so as to expand investments and enhance exports."

"The mission of the CMA here is to create confidence between the investor and the companies to invest in," he said, "next to boosting confidence in stock trading on secondary markets."

"Today we are approaching the launch of the electronic platform which will allow communication between Lebanon and abroad, enabling it to attract funds from Lebanese and non-Lebanese. This platform will be operated by a private company controlled by the Capital Markets Authority. This operation will increase confidence in the Lebanese economy and contribute to establishing companies in Lebanon, thus the implementation of the Cedre conference recommendations," Salameh said.

Source: National News Agency