Lebanon, global legislators, oppose gay debate at IPU meet

Legislators from across the world attending the 139th International Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly in Geneva have opposed plans by pro-gay nations to introduce the LGBT agenda.

Representatives from the pro-gay nations had moved an amendment of the IPU rules to debate the rights of homosexuals, even after objections from mainly Arab Muslim and African members.

In a meeting yesterday evening with Head of the African Parliamentary Union, Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, had also agreed with him to oppose the plan.

The Committee on Democracy and Human Rights chaired by B. Tshireletso of Botswana reported that the proposal had gotten overwhelming support in the Committee, 'hence the decision should be adopted without debate in the Assembly'.

However, a voting process on the matter resulted with 636 voted against discussing the decree, 449 against discussing it, and 120 abstained from voting.

Those opposing the bill, alongside the Islamic and Arab Parliaments and other African nations, as well as countries including Russia and China, have won this vote against Europeans and other countries that took part in the voting process.

Hon Akamba Paul (Busiki County) referred to the vote as a first win in the battle that they came ready to fight. He thanked the Asian community that stood with the African majority to fight LGBT issues that have often been smuggled onto the IPU agenda.

"Article 1 clause 2 of the IPU statute talks about defending and promoting only those rights that are accepted universally and issues of LGBT community as you can see have been widely opposed. IPU should restrain itself from such useless debates," Akamba said.

Source: National News Agency