Saudi Arabia Affirms the Importance of Media in Consolidating Concepts of Coexistence among the Peoples

New York, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirmed the importance of media outlets in consolidating concepts of coexistence among the peoples.

During the Kingdom's speech delivered Halla Al-Otaibi, Second Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before the UN Special Political and Decolonization Committee pertaining to issues of media, she affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks to highlight its economic, social and cultural messages through modern media tools reflecting a globalism of the Saudi citizen.

She pointed out that the role of the media is becoming more important in combating the phenomenon of extremist and terrorist militias in addition to not allowing these militias to use social media platforms to spread hatred and violence.

Al-Otaibi added that the Kingdom seeks to consolidate the approach of moderation and values of mastery, justice, transparency and rejection of terrorism as well as spreading the dialogue and peace, disclosing that the Kingdom established Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) for confronting the enemies of humanity, in fighting extremist ideology, spreading the principles of tolerance and moderation, and promoting opportunities for the world peace.

She concluded that Saudi Arabia supports the UN efforts in order to achieve its supreme purposes and goals of the Sustainable Development Plan 2030.

Source: Saudi Press Agency