Arab – Kurdish – Turkmen Initiatives And Meetings To Resolve The Issue Of Kirkuk

Baghdad The Turkmen Front in Kirkuk, confirmed that there are initiatives and meetings between the components of the province, to resolve the issue of Kirkuk.

Ahmad Haider Qassim, a member of the Turkmen Front in Kirkuk said in a statement to NINA that "The Kurdish parties made visits to Kirkuk, and met the Turkmens and the Arabs, and there was talk characterized with transparency about the Kirkuk administration. The Kurds acknowledged the existence of mistakes in their administration to the province," and recognizing the mistake and seeking to solve it will be the first step to resolve the issue of Kirkuk. "

He added, "There are initiatives to gather the parties, and perhaps in the coming days when sitting and research, we will reach understandings that satisfy all parties," stressing the importance of dialogues are only for the people of Kirkuk, without interference from any of the other parties.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency