Najm: Hariri is staying, will not apologize

Public Works, Transport, and Water and Energy Parliamentary Committee Head, MP Nazih Najm, said in an interview to "Future TV" this morning that "Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri is staying and will not apologize, and will form a government."

Najm pointed to the PM-designate's wish, together with the President of the Republic, to move the country away from the bad economic situation to a more comfortable and flourishing condition. "We want to abolish the corruption in Lebanon. Those who think that the country can continue without a government are wrong, because the people can no longer wait," he said.

Najm considered that "one of the best solutions that may be provided by Hezbollah to facilitate the cabinet formation is to reverse its decision."

He stressed that "President Aoun and PM-designate Hariri are keen on forming the government, and Hezbollah will not disappoint the President regarding the recent obstacle, especially in light of their 13-year old agreement."

Source: National News Agency