Saudi Arabia Affirms Its Keenness to Protect and Promote Human Rights and Renews its Commitment to International Conventions 3 Geneva

The head of the delegation stressed that the period covered by the third report from 2013 to 2018 included many civilizational and humanitarian achievements, adding that there were many efforts made to promote and protect human rights at all levels based on the constitutional principles of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its regulations and obligations under the international human rights law, guided by the substantive recommendations made during the second round of review in 2013. This has resulted in building a strong legal and institutional framework that protects and promotes human rights, criminalizes whoever violates them, and disseminates their culture and education. He said that one of the evidences of caring about the human rights in the field of jurisdiction is issuing and updating a number of judicial legislation.

In the area of codification of ?judicial judgments, Al-Aiban pointed out to the issuance of a royal order in 2014 to establish a committee to prepare a draft of code of judicial judgments in the legal issues related to the judiciary.

Al-Aiban said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exerted many efforts to combat any criminal behavior that undermines, threatens or could be a reason to violate human rights, including terrorism, extremism and corruption. He added that security men back home have made many achievements in countering acts of violence and terrorism and thwarting many terrorist operations and plots.

Al-Aiban reiterated the Kingdom's international and regional efforts to protect human rights, pointing out to the establishment of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) in 2017, which is concerned to actively and pro-actively combat, expose, and refute extremist ideology, in cooperation with governments and organizations concerned.

Source: Saudi Press Agency