NSSA participates in Bahrain International Airshow

Manama, The National Space Science Agency (NSSA) will be a main participant at the Bahrain International Airshow 2018 running from November 14-16, according to Kamal bin Ahmed Mohamed, Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, the minister in charge of the NSSA.

The NSSA's participation this year, its second participation, will be larger than its presence at the previous edition of the show in 2016, said NSSA CEO, Dr. Mohamed Ebrahim Al Aseeri. "This year we will have a number of different features, as well as showcase our cooperation with different international space agencies, and provide a platform for learning for visitors to learn more about the Agency's work and achievements since its establishment.

"Our participation at BIAS 2018 will contribute to spreading more awareness about space and its science, and its different applications and impact on our lives as individuals and societies, as it is an integral part of building sustainable development. We will have a dedicated stand inside BIAS Exhibition Hall as well as a special tent in the public area, and are cooperating with different entities that use space applications in their work to spread awareness," he added.

He emphasized the importance of implementing a series of awareness programs to explain the NSSA's role to the public, and to promote the different services provided by the agency and how these services can be related to different development projects. These services include providing information, data and images of space, when analyzed, can contribute to elevating service excellence across different fields.

As part of the awareness programs, a series of workshops geared towards Bahraini youth to familiarize them with space science and the impact of space on the future, as well as arranging practical workshops to younger children that will help teach them about space and encourage them to learn more about the field.

Other awareness activities include a practical presentation about 'nanosatellites', components, communication systems and controls, as well as electronic presentations related to education curricula and research in the Kingdom.

"I extend invitation to the Bahraini public to visit us at our tent in the public area at BIAS 2018, which will be open from November 14-17 so they can see for themselves the interesting developments in this new field and learn more about the NSSA's work and how we are working with different government agencies to move Bahrain forward," he concluded.

Source: Bahrain News Agency