Al-Haddad discussed with the Indonesian Ambassador ways to expand the horizons of joint cooperation and activate the role of friendship committees between the two countries

Baghdad, The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Bashir Al-Haddad discussed with Indonesian Ambassador Panabaj Antarexo ways to broaden the horizons of joint cooperation and activate the role of the Friendship Committees of the Parliamentary Councils between the two countries and make more efforts to develop the course of bilateral relations and reach a high level that serves the common issues and interests.

"The House of Representatives at this session is determined to carry out its oversight and legislative functions and will exert more efforts to support the new government in order to stabilize security and stability and move forward to legislate service laws," Haddad said in a statement.

He called to "the exchange of visits to the members of the Iraqi and Indonesian parliamentarians to share experiences and to get information on the democratic experience in Indonesia." He added, "we seek closer cooperation in the field of trade, economy and technology, especially is a country with a role in the Islamic world and a country of great heritage, civilization and history, and its society is committed to the values of peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance , and the Iraqi people are proud of their friendship with the Indonesian people because there are many participants.

For his part, Antarexo expressed "thanks for the opportunity to discuss the strengthening of bridges of friendship that will develop bilateral relations," expressing "his country's happiness with the achievement of political stability."

He stressed "the support of his country for the Iraqi people," noting "the need to strengthen these distinguished relations in order to communicate and contribute effectively at this stage as a new beginning of construction and reconstruction and investment and trade exchange in all areas and levels."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency