Hariri: I cannot tolerate being accused of sectarian incitement

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri told a press conference this Tuesday "Normally, I would rather look at the glass half full. All the Lebanese know that my political rhetoric is always governed by optimism despite the threats."

"There are those who do not want the country to seize any opportunity, and do not want a government in Lebanon," he said. "I am not here to mislead the Lebanese by telling them that the situation is good. I can neither talk about rounding the corners nor convince them of the 'mother of the boy' theory."

Hariri stressed that "the formation of the government hit a major barrier. Some would like to call it the March 8 Sunni deputies' barrier, but I regard it as a way bigger issue than that."

"No one can monopolize a sect and talk about others' monopoly of their sects," he said. "I cannot tolerate being accused of sectarian and confessional incitement. I am the father of Sunnis in Lebanon and I know very well their interests and how to protect them."

Hariri announced that if there were a solution, he would have headed straight to the President of the Republic, stressing that Aoun "has done a lot to facilitate the formation of the government, and what happened is a blow to the President before the Prime Minister," accusing Hezbollah of obstructing the formation of the government.

Source: National News Agency