Zasypkin visits Audi: We seek to preserve Orthodox world’s unity

The Ambassador of Russia to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, visited this Friday Metropolitan Elias Audi with whom he tackled the international, regional and local updates.

Zasypkin pointed out that "the region needs all the possible efforts to be exerted so as to bring peace to it and stop the wars and conflicts, so the peoples of this region can live in good and proper conditions," stressing that "coexistence is essential, especially in Arab societies."

"We must find a means for communication in all areas and a way to compromise, in line with national interests, especially in Lebanon with all the components that compose it," he said.

"Besides, there are important aspirations on the Orthodox level, and we have an Orthodox majority in Russia, so we want to preserve the unity of the Orthodox world, away from problems," the ambassador concluded.

Source: National News Agency