The International Coalition aircraft destroyed two nests to Daesh north-east of Baquba

Baquba, A security source in Diyala announced the results of the bombing of the International Coalition for the important targets to Daesh terrorist organization north-east of Baquba.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the International Coalition aircraft launched air strikes targeted important targets for the Daesh organization near the camp of Aisha within the Hamrin basin."

He added that the strikes of the International Coalition resulted in the destruction of two nests to Daesh."

He said that the force of a security reconnaissance found, after the end of the air strikes, two burned motorcycles and another one dumped in the region."

The Defense Ministry said on today that "at the request of the joint Operations Command, the International Coalition aircraft carried out precision air strikes on targets of Daesh terrorist gangs in the Hamrin Mountains."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency