Hariri meets with participants in the Arab Union for Paper Industries Conference

MP Bahia Hariri met at her Majdelyoun residence on Sunday with the participants in the "Arab Union for Paper Industries, Printing and Packaging" Conference, which was recently held in Beirut.

The delegation, chaired by Lebanese Industrialists Association Head, Fadi Gemayel, briefed MP Hariri on the outcome of their conference and the headlines of the EU action plan to protect and develop the paper industry sector in Lebanon. Gemayel also handed Hariri a copy of the Union's book on the history of the Arab paper industries.

MP Hariri, in turn, welcomed the visiting delegation, valuing their initiative in holding their conference in Lebanon. She pointed to the essential role of the paper industry in Lebanon and the Arab world.

"The importance of holding such a conference in Lebanon lies in the fact that it is a meeting space for interaction and sharing of expertise between Arab paper industrialists to spread its usefulness to the entire Arab world," deemed Hariri.

"We are in dire need in Lebanon for such creative initiatives that contribute to the advancement of many sectors, especially in wake of the challenges facing different areas and professions," MP Hariri underlined.

"As much as we are able to embrace and stimulate innovation, as much as we can promote this country," she emphasized.

Source: National News Agency