Hakim Meets Halboussi, Confirming The Need To Cancel Privileges Of MPs And Pass Important Laws

Baghdad The head of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim stressed the need to abolish the privileges of parliamentarians and unify the visions in order to pass important laws, especially these laws affecting the structure of the Iraqi state.

He pointed out during his meeting with Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi, the importance of concerted efforts to achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people and achieve what the political blocs promised the citizens in their electoral campaigns, indicating the need to complete the government cabinet and provide the best for the remaining ministries, reiterated his support for the Iraqi government in implementing its program.

Hakim also stressed, according to his media office, the importance of restoring confidence in the House of Representatives and start legislative and oversight performance, stressing the need to show the highest degree of transparency regarding the eligibility of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and abolishing the privileges that strengthen the difference between the MP and other grades in the Iraqi state, calling to pass important laws especially affecting the structure of the Iraqi state, and also urged the importance of openness to the regional and international environment based on common interests, considering that the interest of Iraq to be a bridge between the parties and no arena for confrontation and intersection.

It is mentioned that the leaders of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance elected unanimously yesterday evening Ammar al - Hakim as head of the alliance.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency